Microsoft Access Templates Small Business Accounts Receivables Database

This is accounts receivables database using Microsoft access database templates application, which allow you to record the data of debtors, the amount of Receivables and the sales reps. This free accounting access template will be helpful in supporting your accounting journal. It is suggested to fill the data in Debtors menu first since it is the master menu. Anyway, this access template is really helpful in managing the debtors, account Receivables, or factoring Receivables.

The first menu in account Receivables access template. It is the menu where you input the data of sales reps or you call the debt collectors, and the records of the Receivables invoices. The header is for the collector identity and contact, which consists of auto-generated ID, first name and last name, phone number, and email address. The lower form is the records for the Receivables invoice information. Invoice Date is the date where the invoice is made. The Due Date is the last date that the invoice should be paid off. There are 4 statuses: Issued, Pending, Partial, or Full. Issued means the invoice is just given to the debtors. Pending means the payment has not been paid at all or has not been received. Partial is when the invoice has been paid but not in fully amount, while Full is the invoice has been paid off. Debtor ID is taken from the name from Debtors menu.


Accounts Receivables Access Database Templates


In the second menu of accounts Receivables access templates, there are fields to input the details of the debtor identity and contacts. The interface and fields almost exactly like the header in Sales Reps menu. It is the master menu, so it be best if you take a visit this menu first before the other two menus of account Receivables access template.


Factoring Receivables in MS Access Databases


There are two types of report which will help you to see the accounts Receivables turnover. The first one is the report per Sales Reps. In this first type, it will show all the debtors sort by the sales reps. While the second type will show the invoices sort by the debtors. There are filters to show which invoice will be presented in the reports by the payment status. In the Paid Invoice Only meaning that the invoice has been fully paid off. So the Issued, Pending, and even Partial payment will be shown in Unpaid Invoices Only. To show all the invoices regardless of the payment status, just choose the No Filter.


Access Database Templates Generate Accounts Receivables Reports in Microsoft Access


After you select the desired report type and filter, you can proceed into the printable report form by hitting the Preview button.

This free access accounting template is for managing the account Receivables, recording the debtor data and the sales reps (or debt collector) data. It can be used for managing the accounts Receivables factoring as well. There are two type of reports, which allow you to sort the Receivables invoices by Sales Reps or by Debtor. The filter will present the invoices by the payment status from the Sales Reps menu. You can download this accounts Receivables access template for free at

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