Microsoft Access Employee Time Study Database Templates

Access database templates named time study access template template. Time study template is purposed to record the time and process study. Time study is used for measuring the process work. Time and motion studies have been done with purpose to measure how long it takes to do a given job and how to improve it through setting production goals and reducing unnecessary steps in a process. The goals are for efficiency, effectiveness, and cost effective in a process. This time study template is designed for manufacturing product study. You can turn into process or service workflow, but it may need to modify a bit.

There are 3 menus in this time study access template, as you can see in picture below:

Time Study Database Templates for MS Access


Products is the menu to input the product which the process of making is being observed and studied. The product can be changed into service name or a certain process name (Eg. Login process), depending on what you've been observing with production time study template. On the menu header, it only has one field: Product name field. If you have employee tables, it is recommended to be linked and added the employee fields via Lookup Wizards: add employees who conducted the study (it may be more than one), and the supervisor who manage and giving the approval for the study.
The Products menu have two subform:


Time Study Database Templates in MS Access


Subform to records the ingredients, parts, tools, or components, or any elements used in the study to produce the certain product or service. The fields are
- Part: the name of the parts. The data is taken from Parts menu.
- Quantity: the amount of used parts.


Work Measurement Templates Access


Subform to record what steps that has been taken in each study to the selected product. The fields are:
- Step Description: the name or small description of the taken steps.
- Department: which key people or department is responsible or involved for the steps.
- Start and End Date / Time: the time when the step is conducted.

In some cases, a product may have more than one time of study. It is recommended to separate the Step Description into: Study ID and steps for each Study (in long textbox). This time study database only purposed to record the time and overall study data. Because of that, it has no field or table for recording the result of the study. If you want to add the result field, you can create a new upload field for study documentation. So, the result report will be in another file (presumably .doc), but you can upload or download it in the database.

Menu for recording the ingredients, parts, tools, components, or elements used in all of the study.

Time Study Templates Microsoft Access


- Part Description: Name and description of the part
- Cost: The cost of each part.
The Cost is added into this process time study template because later, it can be used for billing or purchasing information. This can be helpful if you linked the time study template with purchase or billing database. If you want neater fields, you can add a new field for part category that has been mentioned above.

The menu to display the recorded data in summarized, neater looks. The report is printable, but you may need to customize the design to replace the Company Name or add time period. Currently, there is only one report for time study template: The Time study report.

Time Study Analysis


The time study report displays the parts used and their amounts, as well the assembly time. You can add the report for detailing the study. Or, if you decide to add result fields on the Assembly sub-form instead of upload field, you can create the report for time study result. The employee time study template is free and open source. You can modify and enhance the features to adjust with the studied method process or linking with other databases. You can download time study template at

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