Microsoft Access Database Templates for Vehicle Fleet Management Solutions

If you run cars rental business or personally manage your car, you may check this microsoft access template for fleet management created by Fleet management meaning that it is an activity to coordinate the activities of the vehicles, their maintenance and safety, as well oversees the financial planning. It not limited for cars only, you can add another type of vehicle like motorcycle or ship. Anyway, let's take a look inside this vehicle fleet management access template.

This first Microsoft access menu of fleet management solutions database is master menu. The top header is for recording the vehicle owner data. This time, the ID field is not present, however there are some recurring fields name, address, email, and phone fields. Additionally, there is region and department fields which are meant for business. Region is the location of owner deployed, while department is the owner division in the company. If you using the fleet management access template for personal use, you may skip the mentioned fields.


Fleet Management Software in Microsoft Access Templates


The bottom sub-form is to add the record of the vehicle. The License Number field is act like the ID. Make is the brand or the vehicle manufacturer. Model and Model Year mention the vehicle type, in this instance is car. Don't forget that the fleet management access template is open source. So, if you want to input another type or vehicle like ship or bus, you may tweak the fleet management application a little bit. The last Maintenance Interval field is for the interval of mileage used for maintenance.

Like the menu is titled, this is for add the record of your fleet maintenance. No occurred ID. The first field is License, which is taken from License Number in the first fleet management access template menu. After you select the License, you have to input Arrival Mileage, which means the last mileage measured upon the vehicle arrival into maintenance service. Maintenance Description and Date fields are for naming the maintenance title and last maintenance date.


Fleet Management Solutions Database using Access Database Templates


As you can see at the picture above, you may realized that the Next Maintenance Mileage will be automatically calculated based on the summary of Last Mileage with Maintenance Interval.

The third vehicle fleet management menu is for recording your vehicle insurance. It's only consist of 3 simple fields. License field which is same like previous menu, Date Renewed field where you input the started date of insurance. Then lastly, the Expiry Date field which determine the validity of the insurance, which is shown on the report view in this picture below.


MS Access Fleet Management Application Templates


The always last menu, the fleet management access template report menu consists of two type reports: Maintenance Status Report and Insurance Status Report. Both reports have been previewed in the last two pictures.

You can download the fleet management access template for free at The access template can help you for managing your vehicles for rental or shipping business, as well other business with transportation as its main or even personal use. The main features are for recording the vehicle maintenance and insurance. Lastly, fleet management access database template is easy to use and intuitive.

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