What is Microsoft Access 2007

People must have expectations of something if they ever make a choice. What do you think about Microsoft Access 2007 then? What can you really expect from it? These questions will make you think much about it. What is Microsoft Access 2007 really? It must be not just one of older versions of Microsoft Access. There must be something new about it. Of course, you can expect as much for each version of Access is made to offer different things.

Office Fluent User Interface in Access 2007

Of all different things in Access 2007 that might not be there in other versions with the same degree of reliability, there is one popular feature called Office Fluent User Interface. This feature in Access 2007 is especially fresh to look at. Not to mention, Microsoft Access version 2007 has this feature available to make things easier for you to create, modify, and work with Access database solutions.

Document and File Attachment to Use

Other than the user interface feature, Access 2007 also allows you to attach document or file to your database. You can even do it with more than one file. The file itself can be anything, like photo, spreadsheet, etc. Attaching related file to the individual records in your database will make great reference. You can also say that your records will have more information related to them as well.

Convenient Design Mode Report Editing

You know that modifying report look can make the report more interesting to see. However, it is such a pain if we have to modify and then run it to see how it looks. To solve this problem, MS Office Access 2007 is there with WYSIWYG interface for you to use. With it, you can modify the layout as you browse the data. You will be able to see the layout changes without even running the report.

Supportive for Printing, Posting, and Mailing

Need to be known, Access 2007 is not made to only allow you to save your files in its own format file. If you want, you can also save your work as PDF or EPS format. With easier distributed forms like this, it will surely make things easy for you to print, post, and e-mail it to others. Furthermore, the others don’t need to have MS Access to either print or simply view them. This is handy for sharing, indeed.

Permission Setting for Certain Users Only

The last but not the least thing in Access 2007 you need to know is that there is permission setting feature offered in it. It works with Windows SharePoint Services. With both, you will be able to set permission to which user that you allow to access your data. Even reading and editing can be limited as well. This feature is just right to secure your database. What is Microsoft Access 2007? It sure can be this great as the one of the older versions.


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