What is Microsoft Access 2010

Which version of Microsoft Access does you like the most? Even though all versions function as the most efficient management tool, they are featured differently to each other while still having a bunch of similarities as Access versions. So, what is Microsoft Access 2010 then? What is the thing that makes it different than the other versions? Of course, it would be the new features it brings. Let us tell you some of them here to better understand it. There are amazing features it actually has.


Feature #1 Web-Ready Format in MS Access 2010
If you have been using older Access versions, you should have known that you can publish to web through scripting technologies for data access. However, Microsoft sure considers much to make this 2010 version to offer web-ready format for databases. With web database like this, 2010 version of MS Access can allow you to access the data way faster than you think. This is nice new feature to get.


Feature #2 Unique and Handy Office Themes to Use
In Microsoft Access 2010, you won’t be able to find AutoFormat feature, even when it is so useful to paint the forms and reports in the same color and styles. MS Access 2010 now has Office Themes to replace this feature. It works uniquely and is better than AutoFormat. With it, you can carry over the desktop themes to other Microsoft Office products, like Word, Excel, etc. Don’t you think it is handy?


Feature #3 Table Macros for Easy Copy and Paste

It is known that Table Macros is the most well liked feature in this Microsoft Office Access version. With the use of this feature, it becomes possible for you to simply right-click page and copy part or even all of the macros. You will then be able to simply paste it into another section, Notepad, and others. This is pretty handy for sharing specific part or also all of them to the others. Try using it!


Feature #4 Offline Changes and Automatic Synchronicity
Did you know? If it is with this Microsoft Access 2010 here, you will be able to make changes to your forms, reports, macros, etc. even when you are offline. Of course, you will need to upload those changes to MS SharePoint Server 2010 once you connect to the internet again. What’s interesting is that once you do that, you will get automatic synchronicity between the changes and the updates.

Now then, isn’t Microsoft Access 2010 amazing? Looking at the discussion above, Access 2010 sure has various new features made in it. Each can benefit people is various different ways. Really, they are not something you can surely get in other versions of Access. What is Microsoft Access 2010? You should have known the answer to that through the discussion above. If you need those features, this version might just be the right one to go with. So, be sure to consider this version carefully.


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