What is Microsoft Access 2013

There is more than one version of Microsoft Access you can buy and install, indeed. However, there is something nice that you can benefit from Microsoft Access 2013. What is Microsoft Access 2013? It is one of older version of Microsoft Access. However, just because it is older, it does not mean that it won’t be reliable enough for you to count on. In fact, there is one feature that you can only find in this version. At least, let’s talk more about it here.


Access Web App in Microsoft Office Access 2013


Microsoft Access 2013 version is the very Microsoft product that has a new type of database build through Access. This type of database is called Access Web App and can be used and shared with others in web browser as the name suggests, as SharePoint app to be exact. This new feature offers database structure with views that is just easy to add and edit. So, don’t think that it would be hard to deal with just because it is web browser app.

Need to be known, Access 2013 also has built-in navigation and basic commands for the apps. That is why it becomes possible for you to use the apps right away without wasting too much time. Also, the navigation structure between apps is similar to each other. Thus, it makes things easier for you to learn and switch between apps. The navigation feature in it helps a lot to help you build views, switchboards, and other elements you need.


Access Web App Building in MS Office Access 2013


It is not difficult to build Microsoft Access Web App in 2013 version. You can use either SharePoint server of Office 365 site to be the host. You will be ensured to get the best performance and data integrity with the app’s SQL Server. To start your app building, you can simply go to Access 2013’s startup screen. There, you should be able to find Custom Web App and you can start make the Access Web App you want based on your data.

To add tables to your workspace, you can use pre-designed table templates in it. There are templates, like Tasks, Employees, and Projects. That being said, you can actually import the tables from existing data sources, like desktop databases, MS Excel files, ODBC data, text files, and even SharePoint list. This feature sure is handy. Once you are done, you can simply and directly Launch App to open the app you make in a browser.

See? This is how great Access Web App is in Microsoft Access 2013. Using the app will make things easier for you to view data and share it with others. Considering that you will only get this feature in Access 2013 really makes this version very much worth to take into account. If others ask you what is Microsoft Access 2013. You can simply tell them that it is the version where Access Web App can be created for better use of Access works.


Here's Microsoft Access 2013 Database and Templates Samples you can download and learn. So you will have your answer on What is Microsoft Access 2013.

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