What is Microsoft Access 2016

What is Microsoft Access 2016? Of course, the simple answer would be the newest version of Microsoft Access. Since it is only the version of Access, of course its function remains the same. However, the newer the version, the better it can perform to you. In other words, it has new things featured in it. They are what differs one version to another. Now, then, what do you think you can get from Access 2016? Let’s see some new things about Access in this version here.


Familiar Look with New Theme and Template


You might never think hard about this before. However, the way Access looks can be really important to concern yourself about. Did you know? Instead of giving you new look, it make things easy with familiarity instead. It adopts the look of Access 2013, but with more colorful border. That way, it should be easier for you to navigate around as well. It is not only that. Microsoft Office Access 2016 is also made to come with new theme too. To be exact, there are 2 Office themes available in this Microsoft Access. There are colorful and white options. With this new feature, you can make Access look really fresher and newer. What’s more? Access 2016 comes to offer you even new template as well. Now, you will get 5 of the most popular database template to have way more modern look and feel. Designing your database with any of the available templates could be nice.


“Tell Me What You Want to Do” Text Field


Speaking about new things in the latest Microsoft Office Access, there is text field that says “tell me what you want to do”. This text field can be found on the ribbon in Access 2016. This feature works fast and handy to find the button or command you will need next. All you need to do to use it is simple. You can just type words or phrases in it. Of course, they should be the ones related to what you will need to do next in the Access sheets.

For example, you can just type “filter” if you want to use “auto filter” command next. Once you have typed the words or phrases, you will get a list of related options below the text field. You should find the intended command this way. Choose it and you are ready to use it on your Access sheets. Having feature like this should cut you the time to look for it yourself. This way, you can get your job done as quickly as you can. Access 2016 sure is nice.


There you go. Those are the things that you can expect from Microsoft Access 2016. Of course, there are still new things it brings with. However, these two features show enough that this latest version of Access sure is featured very well for better needs when using Access to manage your data. See? This should answer what is Microsoft Access 2016 to you. Really, you can benefit much from it. So, it is always a good idea to buy and install this product.


Here's Microsoft Access 2016 Database and Templates Samples you can download and learn. So you will have your own answer on What is Microsoft Access 2016.

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