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    People often confused when they are asked about what is microsoft access and what is the difference with other microsoft software products. Are you familiar with Microsoft Access? As the name suggests, Access is indeed part of Microsoft Office products. However, people are more familiar with Office products, like Word, Excel, or Power Point instead. So, what is Microsoft Access then? Also, how it is it different than other Office products? To answer these matters, let’s discuss more about Microsoft Access below. You might just get insight about what this Office product really is. Let’s see how it is here below.


    Microsoft Access and Its Different Versions

    As it was said above, Microsoft Access is part of Microsoft Office Suite. In other words, it is packed together with other Microsoft Office products, like Word, Excel, and Power Point. That being said, you can’t always find Access in every version of Microsoft Office that you buy to install on your laptop or computer. This is what Microsoft Access is. If you want it, you should check the suite first beforehand. It might or might not be there after all.

    Like Word, Excel, and Power Point, even Access has its versions too. By default, the extension for the earlier versions of this Microsoft product is .mdb. They can’t read the extension of later newer versions though. However, Access 2007 comes with new things to offer. It now has accdb extension. Also, it can read older Access extensions and even change them. Of course, there are other newer versions of Access you can benefit more now as well.

    Microsoft Office Access vs Microsoft Office Excel

    Indeed, Microsoft Access has the same look, feel, layout, and navigation with other Microsoft Office products. In terms of its function though, this Office product is closer to Microsoft Excel for they are both an information management tool. Microsoft Office Access can be different than Excel by looking at what Excel lacks. Indeed, Excel is easy to understand and works quickly. It is just the nice tool to maintain and calculate sets of information.

    However, Microsoft product as great as Excel, can lack in some things. If you want us to put it simply, Excel just can’t handle large amounts of information and manage data in more efficient way. Large amounts of information tend to lead to duplicate values, missing data or consistencies, bad controls, etc. This is not something good to rely on when it comes to being an information management tool. It can’t provide you the right information after all.

    Microsoft Access is then there to fill in what Excel lacks for you. It works just like any other database, but connections between 2 different things are made way easier in Access. Of course, it can handle large amounts of information and analyze them. That is why it becomes possible to do efficient data management with Access instead of Excel. The newer the version, the more reliable it can be to help you. There you go. It should give you nice insight about what is Microsoft Access.

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